The system because it today works so is this

The fresh material or other material are positioned off to lots off subagents who, subsequently, create con­tracts to the people getting carrying it out

A continental broker requires into the Isle most of the expected material getting flipping out the finished equipment, sets himself up during the a leased storehouse and you can declares that he is preparing to put-out the products he’s got introduced. The guy seldom works closely with the staff actually, to be alone otherwise at the best which have a couple lovers, the guy dont watch the entire process. All performs so complete was sent on belongings of gurus in which it’s made.

A research of the work environment of one’s governor regarding Puerto Rico determined that “the fresh Needlework World off Puerto Rico try not to spend the very least wage price from twenty-five cents an hour or so

Overall employment on needle and you can fabric marketplace enhanced out of 18,one hundred thousand from inside the 1920 so you’re able to on 70,000 within the 1948, around three . 5 times shorter versus improve regarding development a career in other branches from inside the same several months. Since later as 1950, the newest bungalow needle in the­dustry employed as numerous professionals as some other production groups mutual.

Most knowledge of the home needle world lead to the fresh new 1930s or 1940s. However, the new precipitous refuse of the home needle industry taken place for the the latest ten years away from 1950 so you’re able to 1960, brand new decade of the high migration from Puerto Ricans towards Us. For the 1938, the fresh new Federal Work Conditions Act became legislation in the us and is actually stretched so you’re able to Puerto Rico. In america, out-of a labor force out-of 54,000,000, only about 3 hundred,100 were impacted by minimal wage laws. The fresh new daunting most of pros made over the minimum-wage, and you may warehouse wages was indeed usually about twice as much minimum wage, however in Puerto Rico this new federal minumum salary stood above the amount of wages regarding most branches away from a job. “Family needlework, which about perspective away from a position are by far the greatest design world within the Puerto Rico, that have mediocre money from ranging from 3ў and you will 4ў an hour or so, is actually many surely affected of all the. Having such as market, a 25ў every hour salary is deadly.” The newest Puerto Rico Chamber regarding Commerce delivered a good delegation in-may 1939 so you’re able to Washington so you can protest the usage of the minimum wage laws and regulations. The united states Company out of Labor stated that “This new needlework world comprised principally out of hands stitching procedures performed additional info from the women in their homes to your matter offered by producers and you will jobbers on mainland, and you can overseen in your town by the a number of contractors and you may subcontractors. It experienced competition from Asia, the brand new Philippines additionally the Madeira Isles, price-cutting one of builders, and you can unproductive company. That it and many of other opportunities with the Island was in fact marginal in the sense you to the lifestyle depended up on the constant maintenance off lower wage costs.” Ranging from 1937 and you will 1940 needlework exports away from Puerto Rico decrease regarding over $20 billion to $5 mil, and some sectors of your needlework industry remaining the new isle forever immediately. ” Down seriously to these issues the latest expenses were introduced inside the the us Congress anywhere between stop this new Reasonable Work Standards Operate to own Puerto Rico plus the Virgin Islands. The amendment, S. 2682, signed up minimum-wage directors to arrange business committees so you’re able to highly recommend minimum wage prices to have Puerto Rico together with Virgin Islands. Which up-date towards the boost in earnings, which had been harmful so you can employers, try in conjunction with submarine blockades and therefore disturbed Western race through the World war ii, by 1950 needlework exports was far beyond the newest prewar peak.

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